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9 Ways To Spend Your Free Time

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The way we spend our free time is a reflection of our own natures and can have a considerable impact on our chances of success in the professional world. And what's the reason? If we use our time in a productive way, giving ourselves tasks capable of producing a positive reflection in our lives, we will reap the fruits of this option. If your interest is to find the activities that best fit this pattern, stay with me and do your best to put these activities into practice.


Exercise is important for our physical and mental health, and studies indicate that half an hour of exercise a day is enough to revitalize our spirit and soothe the stress that we may be feeling. It also helps us stay focus with discipline and makes us more confident as it improves our appearance and gives us a sense of well-being.


Reading is a skill that must be exercised continuously. One of its main merits lies in the fact that it is one of the means through which we can acquire a high dose of culture and knowledge, which assists us in our personal lives when in our professional lives.

Do you intend to expand your vocabulary and develop your thinking skills? Read a fictional play. Want to grow your career? Read all about the subject, flipping through the various biographies and memories of great figures related to your field to technical books that will help you in day to day work. Do you want to understand the world and its role in it? Read the great philosophical, political and sociological treatises. So set your purpose and enjoy yourself.


As we write, we are expanding our knowledge and learning how to divide it creatively. Other than that, writing is also positive for our ability to communicate verbally.

In addition to getting our lives viewed from a new perspective, putting our thoughts on paper is an effective way to develop our emotional intelligence, our self-knowledge, and our abilities.

And, as Simone de Beauvoir said, writing is also an excellent therapy : "On paper you can tell exactly what you are feeling. It is very easy to break objects on a book page. You hate, you scream, you kill, you commit suicide - in short, you take things to the end. And that's why it's just a scam. But it's a satisfying farce . "


In the world we live in - in which the demands we put on ourselves and the demands that the rest of the world places on us - are quite intense, a regular dose of meditative practices is able to help us reach a high level of personal happiness and professional productivity.

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety and improving concentration, meditation leads us to better rest and develops our self-knowledge and emotional intelligence, which helps us deal with situations in a rational, intelligent and compassionate way, not with unthinking emotional reactions that we will regret in the future.


The most successful people are those who make a solemn commitment to never stop learning, so take many courses . Look for opportunities to acquire more knowledge . At the very moment when we believe that we have already learned everything we had to learn and that we have all the answers, we are seized by a disturbing immobility. Always keep your mind open , fresh and free from prejudice, and never cease to strive to put into practice all the teachings you have gathered.


Professional success and personal happiness can only be found if we challenge ourselves, leaving our comfort zones from time to time.

And one of the most useful ways to expand your comfort zone is to do some kind of volunteer work. This will make you come into contact with realities that are different from the one in which you live, which will broaden your horizons and make you come across many different issues from those that pervade your day-to-day life. The natural result is that you grow as a person.

As if the pleasure from the feeling that we have done good to other people is not enough , we will also be helping ourselves.


One of the smartest ways to deal with the difficult things in life is to take full advantage of it. For example: the traffic of Nairobi. Instead of just complaining about it, why not spend the hours we've been moving from one place to another with something useful and productive? In that case, podcasts are an excellent choice. You can easily find them on your smartphone, on a wide variety of topics.


Just as in the previous case, investing in documentaries is always an excellent option, since it will contribute to your education and to your intellectual development. Look for documentaries of subjects that interest you - cinema, philosophy, wars, nature, whatever - and devour them.


This is the time to give that art exhibition that your colleagues have praised so vehemently. This is the time to go to that French restaurant in town that has charmed critics. This is the time to go to an international cinema show. One of the most enjoyable ways to get out of your comfort zone involves discovering new places. Establish with yourself the goal of knowing a place unknown, say, every week or every fortnight.

Hope all these tip will be useful to you.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

What Does It Mean To Achieve Financial Independence

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Achieving a state of financial independence is the ability to live comfortably through your savings and investments without fearing a resignation at work or instability in the company because you already have a half-foot ready for any crises.

With hard work, determination and applying useful method, we are all capable of achieving such a state. It is a long term situation because it takes planning and patience to save enough money to make yourself a quiet for life. The journey will be tough but the rewards are great, Now let's see these four point highlighted below:

#1 Dedicate To A Job of You Interest 

It is rare for financial independence to cause a person to stop working. In fact, it is more common for people to devote themselves to a personal project for which they enjoy with greater pleasure, without having the financial issue as a main concern.

#2  Dedicate To Activities That Make You Happy

Dedicating your time to activities that contribute to your happiness and personal development, whatever they may be is a tremendous privilege. As we can find  great joy in things that cost absolutely nothing, there are certain pleasures of life that are costly - theaters, restaurants, travel, etc.

Money does not bring happiness, but it's absence imposes certain limits on to our day-to-day.

#3  Explore More of Yourself

Financial independence gives us more time and resources to explore our personality, our talents, our abilities and our passions. Your freedom will also be assured.

#4  Spend More Time With People Your Love 

Often, we end up having to employ in our professions the time we would have liked to spend alongside the people we love, whatever they are-boyfriends, friends, or family.

If our livelihood is fully guaranteed, we are likely to find an extra time to devote to the people whose company makes us happier. In addition, you will also find yourself in a much more favorable position to help others. How about making a donation to a charity or animal shelter?

Sunday, 12 August 2018

How To Make Your Brand A Hit In Google Search Result

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Today when people talk about search engines, it is limited to just www search engines. But! before the Web became an indispensable part of the internet, there were search engines already intact to assist users find information on the Net. Programs like, Archie or Veronica, which assisted in indexing the files that were stored on the servers which were connected to the Internet. This drastically reduced the time consumed for finding programs and documents.

Today, most Internet users limit their searches to the Google Search, so in this article we will focus on parameters or aspects that will make your brand a hero in Google Search.

Meta Tags

Meta tags allow the owner of a page to specify keywords and concepts under which the page will be indexed. This can be helpful, especially in cases in which the words on the page might have double or triple meanings; the meta tags can guide the search engine in choosing which of the several possible meanings for these words are correct.

There is, however, a danger in over-reliance on meta tags, because a careless or unscrupulous page owner might add meta tags that fit very popular topics, but have nothing to do with the actual contents of the page. To protect against this, spiders will correlate meta tags with page content, rejecting the meta tags that don’t match the words on the page.

All of this assumes that the owner of a page actually wants it to be included in the results of a search engine’s activity.

Many times, the page’s owner doesn’t want it showing up on a major search engine, or doesn’t want the activity of a spider accessing the page. Consider, for example, a game that builds new, active pages each time sections of the page are displayed or new links are followed. If a Web spider accesses one of these pages, and begins following all of the links to new pages, the game could mistake the activity for a high-speed human player and spin out of control.

To avoid situations like this, the robot exclusion protocol was developed. This protocol, implemented in the meta-tag section at the beginning of a Web page, tells a spider to leave the page alone; to neither index the words on the page nor try to follow its links.


Once the spiders have completed the task of finding information on Web pages (and we should note that this is a task that is never actually completed — the constantly changing nature of the Web means that the spiders are always crawling), the search engine must store the information in a way that makes it useful.

There are two key components involved in making the gathered data accessible to users:

  • The information stored with the data
  • The method by which the information is indexed

In the simplest case, a search engine could just store the word and the URL where it was found. In reality, this would make for an engine of limited use, since there would be no way of telling whether the word was used in an important or a trivial way on the page, whether the word was used once or many times or whether the page contained links to other pages containing the word. In other words, there would be no way of building the ranking list that tries to present the most useful pages at the top of the list of search results.

Building a Search

Searching through an index involves a user building a query and submitting it through the search engine. The query can be quite simple, a single word at minimum.

Building a more complex query requires the use of Boolean operators that allow you to refine and extend the terms of the search. The Boolean operators most often seen are:

Future Search

The searches defined by Boolean operators are literal searches — the engine looks for the words or phrases exactly as they are entered. This can be a problem when the entered words have multiple meanings. “Bed,” for example, can be a place to sleep, a place where flowers are planted, the storage space of a truck or a place where fish lay their eggs.

If you’re interested in only one of these meanings, you might not want to see pages featuring all of the others. You can build a literal search that tries to eliminate unwanted meanings, but it’s nice if the search engine itself can help out.

One of the areas of search engine research is concept-based searching. Some of this research involves using statistical analysis on pages containing the words or phrases you search for, in order to find other pages you might be interested in.

Obviously, the information stored about each page is greater for a concept-based search engine, and far more processing is required for each search. Still, many groups are working to improve both results and performance of this type of search engine. Others have moved on to another area of research, called natural-language queries.

To summarize this, acting smart with the search engine and its crawlers is the need of the time.

To let your brand or business excel on the search rankings, making use of the above ideas can actually walk your brand name through the ramp of success.

So what’s your take on the things or aspects that will make your brand a hero in Google Search? Have you tried anything apart from these or has anything worked for you?

Top Best Advertising Networks For New Bloggers and Beginners

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Most time new bloggers experience difficulties earning income through ads monetization program. This is because most of the program at least a higher number of monthly visitors to you blog.  Well today you should worry out as i will let you know the best ads program that can run on low traffic blogs.

These advertising network are very much friendly to new bloggers, just with a piece of advice-please don't get overwhelmed. take your time reviewing each network and find the right one to suite your needs.

No. #1. Adsense is clearly a great ad platform because of the quality of their ads, but the problem is getting AdSense approval. Even though the “6 month-old domain” requirement is a kind of myth. Unique content is not the only factor for AdSense approval. There are many other factors AdSense wants to see before giving your site the thumbs up. Small blogs usually cannot get AdSense approval, so I have found several other good ad networks for new bloggers.( you can still opt to use adsense sometimes you can get easy approval only by making sure you blog posts are not less that 30 posts). SIGNUP FOR ADSENSE

No. #2. Propellerads is a CPM network which is idle for any beginner or intermediate bloggers. All you need to do is after signing up;
  • Create ad
  • Place it on your blog
  • You will make  at least between $1-$4 for 1000 views.
Getting started with Propellerads is easy & they pay using Payoneer & other methods.

No. #3. Revenue Hits is very different when compared to the other ad networks on this list. Revenue Hits won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions. They only pay when a click is turned into action. For example, if advertisers need user information, they advertise using Revenue Hits.

Publishers place the ad code on their blog. When a visitor clicks the ad and gives his/her name and email to the advertiser, the publisher (you) will get paid.

  • They pay $10-$50 per action
  • The minimum payout is $50
  • They pay via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer

Pros of Revenue Hits:

  • Very high CPA rates
  • Good minimum payout when compared to other ad networks like AdSense
  • Good support
  • Instant activation (Yup!)

Cons of Revenue Hits:

The ad format don’t use CPC or CPM methods. They only pay through CTR.

No. #4. Bidvertiser was founded in 2002 and is one of the oldest ad networks. They offer a large range of ad formats. More ad formats means more ads, more clicks, and more money. The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $10 via PayPal, $20 via check, and $50 via bank transfer.

Pros of Bidvertiser:

  • The minimum payout is very low
  • They offer a lot of ad formats

Cons of Bidvertiser:

  • Bidvertiser ads are not high-quality ads.
  • Sometimes mobile users will be redirected to the app/play store which is very irritating.
  • The interface looks old and dated.

No. #5. PopAds is a premium pop ad network. This is a good ad network for small publishers because they have no minimum traffic requirements. They started in 2010 & promise to offer 100% fill rates. They allow all types of blogs including illegal ones, porn sites, and other “adult” related content and approval is instant.

Pros of PopAds:

  • High CPM rates when compared to other networks
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Minimum payout is $5

Cons of PopAds:

  • The only available payment mode is PayPal

No. #6. Chitika was one of the top AdSense alternatives. Over time & with newer advancements in technology, many other networks have replaced Chitika. But one thing that is still the same for Chitika is the popularity among new bloggers.

This is what the offer:

  • low minimum payout ($10 made via PayPal)
  • easy to use interface
  • no minimum traffic requirement

Pros of Chitika:

  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Good support for both publishers and advertisers

Cons of Chitika:

  • Chitika works on a zero-tolerance policy. Any invalid click will permanently ban you from Chitika
  • Chitika only monetizes search traffic
  • It takes some time to get an approval or rejection decision

No. #7 Infolinks is another popular ad program which is also very newbie blogger friendly. Infolinks offers many ad types & is popularly known for their in-text ads.

Pros of Infolinks:

  • Trusted advertising company
  • Timely payouts

Cons of Infolinks:

  • Minimum payout is $50

How To Optimize and Improve Your WordPress SEO

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Hi guys, in my post today I would love to share with you this valuable knowledge of the 7 best ways to optimize and improve your WordPress SEO for a better ranking. You see--improving your WordPress website or blog’s SEO is important if you’re want to generate more traffic to your site. Although WordPress, as far as CMS platforms go, is generally SEO friendly, there’s still a lot that can be done to improve it even further. From my best practices to WordPress plugins, I’ll cover these ways to improve your WordPress SEO. At the end you will understand the importance and get ready to amend the little trouble of SEO and your site wouldn't get left behind.

So let's get started....and by the way keep reading careful to understand.

Make sure your WordPress site is visible

Before you actually do anything to improve your WordPress SEO, you may want to make sure that your site or blog is visible on the internet and if it is not be sure nothing you do to improve your SEO will give the results.

So how are you gonna do it?...let's check this out.
  • Login to WordPress account
  • Open the navigation menu and select Settings
  • Select Reading and locate Search Engine Visibility
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked
After that you will need to check on the following tools, to keep more in control when working out with your traffic troubles.

1. Setup your WordPress XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is like a map or let's say a directory of your website or blog. It lists out all of the web pages that make up your site and therefore allowing search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo e.t.c to find every single page from your site.  With XML the search engines will have the ability to rank your site and provide not only better but also more accurate results thus improving the chances your website will be found and seen in search engine results.

Setting it up! how the heck am gonna do it?

Little to much trouble to worry out. If you’ ain't sure how to use an XML Sitemap, cast the trouble down in fact it’s simple to install a plugin like Yoast SEO which on the other ahnd will do all the work for you and automatically too. Simply navigate to your website’s Sitemap to view it in action: www.example.com/sitemap_index.html-- just remember to replace example.com with your domain name.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin

Though there are numerous ways to improve your Wordpress site, am simply not suggesting the use of SEO plugin can only give the better results in ranking though  having one certainly does help. Yoast SEO is the number one recommended WordPress plugin for SEO and this can be understood why. Yoast is also a great tool to aid you in content writing skills besides it's SEO ranking capabilities. Why so? When developing your website, you need to be sure that your content is SEO friendly, and that’s when Yoast gets involved. Yoast gives you the option to add a title, description, and focus keyword for every blog post you create by evaluating your content as you write, making suggestions on where and how you can improve your writing to ensure that what you are doing is SEO friendly.

Get and download and install Yoast SEO and it's a free tool to use, simple to use and can really help to improve your SEO quickly.

3. Use an SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as it is called is an encryption method that you can use on your website. To simplify your understanding:- See example below
http://www.example.com is not using an SSL
https://www.example.com is using an SSL
So, if you see HTTPS, just know the website you’re visiting or viewing is secure.

Now that you have learnt about SSL, having a secure website or a blog not only looks great by reassuring your visitors but it's also a ranking factor in Google searches of which it will upgrade your SEO. You can obtain an SSL certificate from third party or from your hosting company by purchasing it though some hosting company like Siteground now offer a free Encrypt SSL certificate.

For eCommerce Wordpress sites and blogs you should definitely opt installing an SSL unless you don't want to be penalized by Google and worse more, your visitors could depreciate and loose trust and not purchase anything from your site.

4. Working to optimize your Images

An increased page speed can help improve your SEO this is why you will need to optimize your post images. To evaluate your page speed use Google PageSpeed Insights by simply entering in your site’s URL..this will give you the result to look into and help to eliminate the unnecessary details within your site,

Lack of image optimization can cause you website to slow down. Whether your image source is a camera, smartphone, or downloaded from the internet, images need optimizing to ensure they don’t cause your site’s speed to decrease. To fully understand the intensity of this imagine uploading 2 images at each 50MB that’s 100MB worth of space those images will need and an extra 100MB of data to load when landing on your website. Now, if we reduced those image sizes but kept the quality the same, using an image compressor like TinyJPG, you could be looking at mere KB worth of data, resulting in an improved page speed.

Now, you’re probably wondering how your page speed can affect your WordPress website’s SEO. Search engines such as Google rank and rate your site’s SEO based on a number of factors; one of those factors is your website’s page speed. If you can use a free and simple tool to compress your website’s images, you can save on disk space and increase your page speed, improving your WordPress website’s SEO.

5. Use a CDN to speed up your WordPress site

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) takes static content on your website, like images and Javascript, and caches the data in order to make your website load faster. Using servers closest to your users’ location, CDN’s like CloudFlare can load your website, and the static content quickly, creating a lower response time and better user experience.

Even if your WordPress website isn’t data, image, or content heavy, a CDN is a great tool to have in place for the future. In 2006, Amazon reported every 100 milliseconds their website was sped up, they’d see an increased revenue of 1%.

Website monitoring software like Pingdom can assess how quickly your website loads, uptime, visitor stats, and performance reports. If you’re looking to improve your WordPress SEO, you’ll need to ensure that your website loads quickly and is easily accessible by anyone in the world; CDN’s can save up to 60% bandwidth and cut your server requests by 50%.

6. Choose a decent WordPress theme

Preventing issues before they become a problem can be key to ensuring your WordPress SEO doesn’t take a dive. Choosing a decent WordPress theme from the offset is extremely important; there’s nothing worse than a beautiful looking website that performs terribly.

When you first step foot into the world of WordPress themes, you’ll be amazed at how many there are to choose from. However, it’s not just about what they look like that matters, it’s their performance and features too. It can be very tempting to opt for a WordPress theme that’s packed full of features and tools but have a think about whether you really need them; if you don’t need them, you could shave seconds off your website load time, and improve your SEO.

There are tonnes of responsive WordPress themes that you can get your hands on for free; this means they will be mobile-ready so you don’t have to mess about optimizing your website for multiple devices. Many search engines like Google will knock your SEO down a peg if your website is not responsive. With the majority of internet users browsing the world wide web on mobile or smart devices, it’s important to stay in the game.


Now that you have learn on how you can optimize your Wordpress website, I think it's time for you to take necessary action to avoid loosing more traffic.

How was my did this article help you?-well you can let me know through the comment box below.

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Money! Definitely No, Woman Like Men With Personality More

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One of the most misunderstood concept about women all over the world is their preferences. Most men would " Woman really like money." but do you think that's the case?. Well let's find out about them in this article today but before we continue ask yourself--Do you do a story with tips to give your girlfriend an orgasm? The guy comes in and says, "But the best thing about all the moves is to open the wallet, take the money, give it to her, and look at the satisfaction stamped on her face."

Okay let's be serious boys! The time has come to evolve thinking and renew this discussion. So I decided to make a post by scientifically dropping this myth that a woman only wants to know about how healthy is you pocket.


A British site conducted a survey of 798 women to learn the role of appearance in the relationship. Among other questions, the respondents answered what were the main factors for a meeting to work out or not. Study the infographic for more details:

You noticed the most important factor is (1)  personality, then we have (2) appearance, (3) education, (4) profession and last (5) being salary.

This not only demystifies the story that "woman only wants to know about your pocket," but also the beauty that's behind your general personality.

So what does "personality" mean, exactly? Well these are set of characteristics and virtues of a man. Like being a gentleman. Funny, courageous. affectionate, good chat, generous and much more.


Before you accuse them ladies, I advance with defence- yes, having money makes a difference. As we have seen in the infographic, it is a factor. You can not deny it.

Woman likes money--(who doesn't like it anyway)) and so do men. A survey published by Time magazine some time back revealed that men are more attracted to high-paid women.--mmh who so loves money more then?

Money brings security and everyone wants security. But there is an abyss of distance between money being " ONE"  FACTOR  and " MAJOR" FACTOR . Or even the " SINGLE" FACTOR, as some guys believe.

If there are women with interest in the world? Of course yes. But they are a minority. In the list of women's priorities, money is only a personality coadjuvant. What defines a man is his attitude above all else.

And if you think it's the wallet, then my dear, you can be sure that it will only attract women who think so too. Then it's no use complaining.

Monday, 6 August 2018

How To Find FulFillment At Work

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We all want to find a job that in addition to promoting our livelihood even in complete and performs in a career that proves our talents and make us happy. Defining this type of work is often something that provides us with a sense of purpose and that mirrors our values, our interests and our personalities.

In order to ensure an "ideal career" and that is, one in which you will earn enough money to secure your livelihood and a certain amount of additional comforts, also feeling that it makes some difference to the world and that you are employing your talents and following your interests , you should make a change in your mindset and your habits. This article will help you understand how to get fulfillment at your work.

So let's ride along

No.1 Recognize that nothing external will be able to fill it

Ultimately, your satisfaction depends largely on your state of mind. Certain external changes have a positive effect on our lives, but the really significant change is that which takes place within us.

It is not uncommon for us to think that a higher salary, friendlier colleagues or more stimulating projects will make us feel more accomplished in our professions.

However, things are not always like this. External circumstances have some influence , but they are not the only thing to be taken into account. If we put all our expectations into them, we will end up feeling frustrated.
"What really frightens and discourages us is not the external events themselves, but the way we think about them," stated Epictetus, the talented Stoic philosopher. "It is not the things that disturb us, but the way we interpret their meaning."
This means that although we can not always choose the external circumstances of our lives, we may well choose how we react to them.

No.2 Avoid Being a hindrance to yourself

Often the greatest hindrance to our happiness is ourselves. We all have enormous potential, which we sometimes suppress because we believe we are not good enough, intelligent enough, competent enough.

Do not let your insecurity get the best of you. Remember that trust, leadership, and efficiency are qualities we can teach ourselves.

To be confident and willing to always offer our best, without fearing the reaction of others, we need courage, integrity, imagination and a resilient heart. Develop such characteristics in you.

No.3 Never stop setting up your goals

It is essential for us to set goals that reflect our main purposes and objectives in order to develop in a continuous and uninterrupted manner

So set short-term goals, long-term goals and, what is essential, everyday goals, following the model we teach here on the site.

This will make you work according to your priorities, effectively exercising your ability to concentrate and avoid distracting yourself with issues of lesser interest.

No.4 Take the initiative and seize the opportunities

When we invest a high dose of emotional energy into a project, we are more likely to withdraw from this feeling of satisfaction. Do not be passive. Do not expect things to come to you. In these days we are living in, it is essential to take a proactive attitude.

If we join with determination, strength of character, and the ability to accept opportunities as they present themselves to us, we will be much more likely to forge the fate we desire.

In Villette, Novel by Charlotte Brontë describes one of the characters as a man "favored by luck " and "immensely successful ." Then she explains: "And why? Because he always had the gaze to discern the opportunity , the heart to induce the convenient moment, and the cold-blooded to consummate the most exquisite of the works. "

Is it enough to convince you that, for the most part, our luck depends on us ourselves?

No.5 Always be ready to learn new things

Keep a passionate curiosity and follow your interests and never stop learning. By the time we feel too comfortable and static, we will be giving up something precious. That's our ability to get out of our comfort zones and acquire new knowledge.

Never allow such a thing to happen to you. Follow the example of great men and great women who have successfully walked their paths before you.

No.6 Try and maintain good relationships with your colleagues

The relationship we maintain with our colleagues will influence our mood, our mood and our satisfaction. It is essential that we do our best to live with those we admire, those whose influence makes us want to strive harder, have a high degree of trust and determination, and whose work ethic we would like to have.

You will feel more satisfied if you maintain a pleasant relationship with the people who surround you in your work environment. Listen to them. Demonstrate a genuine interest and a legitimate appreciation for them.

No.7 Never get too much worry about external recognition

People will always find reason to criticize your choices. So do not guide your life according to their opinions. In the same way, do not worry about getting too much prestige and fortune.
As Paul Graham mentioned, "prestige is the opinion of the rest of the world, and it is especially dangerous to those who are overly ambitious . If you want to make someone ambitious waste your time on useless things, use the bait of prestige. " 

No.8 Cultivate your balance

In order to prosper professionally and personally, we must reconcile and integrate our professional and personal lives .

Divide your time - and this division must be done differently according to your life priorities - between your profession, the people you love and yourself. Never forget to set aside some time for yourself.

In doing so, you will have a more enjoyable relationship with the work and the people around you.